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I have noticed in quite a few of the energy healing sessions I have done lately that there seems to be a lot of debris in people’s aura.  It is kind of hard to describe but I think debris is the best word for it.  It’s almost like they have walked through a meteor shower and the pieces got stuck in their energy field.

I asked my guides what is going on.  Below is what they said.

This debris that you speak of is the remains of the pollution that has been giving way to the next movement.  People are clearing out and the debris is floating around.  People will walk through it and it will stick to their energy.  It is not bad, but it could drain their energy if it is not taken out.  Begin the process by clearing out the debris then always use protection.  It is more important now than ever to always protect yourself.  This debris is only a minor thing but there are much more draining things that can be picked up.

Channeled by
Tracy Gohrick

Below is how I protect myself.  

First, I visualize the violet flame all around and through me to clear out everything that is not serving me.

Then I will visualize the white light coming down from God and encircling me. 

You will want to do this whenever you go out in public.  I also do this for my property and house.

If you have any questions or need more detail you can contact me.

Tracy Gohrick
Energy Healer - Spiritual Mentor - Mindset Coach

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